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We are looking forward to a busy, successful season coming up and together we shall make our guests comfortable, satisfied and safe.

This letter is for your understanding of some serious changes in the Air Conditioning Industry regarding Refrigerant regulation from the EPA.  Most of you know that Refrigerant 22 is the dominant cooling refrigerant for home and building cooling systems.  Refrigerant 401A, known as Puron, is the designated so called environmental friendly replacement.

A schedule was set to phase out R22 completely just as they did the old R-12 that dominated car and refrigerators pre 1995.  This schedule was to cease all manufacturing of R22 Equipment 2010, cut product by 50% of the actual refrigerant 2014 and completely stop production of R22 2020.  Manufactures of equipment found a loop hole in the 2010 mandate and continued to make unit R22 compatible, but shipped them without actual refrigerant in them.  There has been a strong push to close this loop hole, but Legislation has to be re-written and re-submitted.  It being an Election cycle has proved to be unsuccessful.  Instead the EPA decided to initiate the 2014 mandate as January 04, 2012.

This has caused the manufacturers of R22 to stop production temporarily and regroup on how to regulate this advanced mandate and not the “Powerful buy it All”.  Low production and rationing is increasing the price of R22 to force the consumer to invest in new 410A Equipment.


The EPA is cutting production of R22 in half.  The availability of R22 is drastically decreasing.  The price of R22 has increased 150% just in one week, and no one knows the cap price.

Dry charge R22 units will increase some but the Installer will have to charge $200.00-$300.00 more to install.

Refrigerant 410A Equipment had a 7% increase last year but should stay the same.

Terry’s Home & Cottage Repair, Inc.  is proud to be the leading American Standard dealer in South Walton County!  We also sell Goodman and Amana for more budget conscious situations, we can quote York and other brands as well.  We are committed to bringing you the best quality at the best price!