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Corrosion Protection

About Corrosion Grenades corrosion protection

The reason the aluminum fins deteriorate so quickly is due to a process called Galvanic Corrosion, or commonly referred to as electrolysis. Galvanic Corrosion occurs whenever you have dissimilar metals, electrical power and an electrolyte present. The air conditioning system is made of copper, steel and aluminum. The moist salt air acts as an electrolyte. Therefore the Galvanic Corrosion begins damaging your system as soon as you turn your system on. Galvanic Corrosion will only damage one metal in the system and that is always the softest or weakest metal. In the air conditioning system the softest metal is the aluminum. Therefore, the electrical charge created by the Galvanic Corrosion begins deteriorating the aluminum fins as soon as the air conditioner begins to run. Therefore, as soon as you attach a CORROSION GRENADE to your air conditioning system, you have introduced a softer metal, than aluminum to your system. The Galvanic Corrosion immediately attacks the CORROSION GRENADE instead of the aluminum fins. This increases the life of your system and helps maintain the efficiency.


corrosion protection 2Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Sacrificial Anode

The Corrosion Grenade unit protects metal parts by acting as a “sacrificial anode.” It corrodes instead of expensive A/C parts like aluminum fins, copper piping, and galvanized steel. The marine and plumbing industries have been using “sacrificial anodes” for decades to protect other functional parts from galvanic corrosion. By adding the Corrosion Grenade to the assembly, the zinc becomes the weakest metal and therefore, is the one that corrodes. Extend the life of your air conditioner or heat pump today.




  • The Fin Saver is a low cost solution for extending the life and efficiency of your A/C Unit.
  • Corrosion Protection for HVAC compressor lines, coils and fins
  • Fights galvanic and formicary corrosion
  • Can be mounted by the condensor and evaporator coil for added protection
  • Begins protecting immediately
  • See it working as it “rusts” white. Zinc Oxyide
  • Zinc alloy sacrificial Metal
  • Reduces Vibration
  • Maintenance Free
  • Simple to install


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