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Models – Clear Blue

The Clear Blue units create pure air, naturally and add an additional cleaning element to a standard filtration system. Clear Blue does this by using the natural elements of Ultra Violet (UV) light that are also emitted by the sun. Through innovative, safe and environmentally friendly practices, these UV air treatment systems cleanse residential air without the use of harmful ozone. Clear Blue is designed to meet the growing consumer demand for clean air within the home.

Clear Blue products can be installed and maintained in furnaces by your local contractor. Each separate unit is designed to provide optimum UV treatment of up to 2,000 square feet, so you can be rest assured that you are breathing the finest quality air throughout your home.

Other UV treatment products might be costly, and ultimately ineffective. However, the Clear Blue line contains a UV lamp is not only efficient, but is also extremely cost effective as a great addition to your filtration system.


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