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Preventive Maintenance

We strongly recommend an annual or semi-annual servicing and cleaning for all central air conditioning systems. We can often correct small problems that could grow into big ones if neglected!

During your preventative maintenance checkup the following will be inspected:
• Filter, Filtration, Clean Air IAQ
• Mold and Mildew-Causes and Elimination
• Auxiliary Heat
• Electronic Controls
• Indoor Coil
• Rust and Corrosion
• Refrigerant Pressures
• Low Voltage-Wiring Inspection and Decay
• Thermostat
• Outside condenser
• Drain-Safety Switch

Air Conditioning Inspection
• Test Compressor and Amp Draw
• Check Capacitors
• Lubricate as required
• Clean Condenser Coil
• Check Thermostat
• Clean condensate Drain
• Check Crankcase Heater
• Inspect Disconnect
• Check Contactor and Wiring Harness
• Check Relays
• Tighten Electrical Connections
• Signs of Oil
• Initiate Defrost
• Check Evaporator Coil
• Temperature Differentials
• Is the condensate pump functional?
• Are refrigerant levels correct?
• Pressure Readings

• Are wiring connection tight?
• Is damper in correct position?
• Is the drain line clear?
• Does the water panel need to be replaced?

• Check flame patter
• Check Gas Valve
• Check Limit Control
• Check Draft Hood
• Check Venting
• Check for Chimney Liner/Cap
• Check Ignition Control
• Check Igniter/Flame Sensor
• Check Gas Pressure
• Check /Clean Drains
• Check Thermostat
• Check All Electrical Connections
• Check Fan Motor
• Check Fan Scroll
• Check Relays and Contactors
• Check Combustion Air/Air Exchanger Intake
• Check Water Heater
• Temperature Differentials
• Orsat Readings
• Is heat exchanger integrity intact?
• Is ductwork in good condition?
• Is blower wheel and compartment clean?



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