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Why Choose Mitsubishi

For over 30 years Mitsubishi Electric has been a  leader in the United States in providing the most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly HVAC products for commercial use.

Mitsubishi Electric’s advanced technologies include INVERTER-driven compressor systems which use only the exact amount of energy needed to cool or heat an area.  This feature means you will save energy-and major costs-while experiencing precise control over your comfort year-round.

Zone Control plus Personal Control

Split ductless and ducted systems use refrigerant lines to connect outdoor units to one or more indoor air handlers.  The result of this benefit is that the temperature within any space with an indoor unit installed can be controlled to provide the perfect temperature.  Along with this capability to provide precise temperature control for any space, our systems also offer the unique ability to condition only those spaces in current use at any given time.

Mitsubishi Electric’s systems employ user-friendly wireless, wall-mounted, or hand-held controllers which deliver pinpoint comfort very efficiently.  Zone control coupled with personal control equals all-around energy savings.

Terry’s Note:

Mitsubishi products satisfy our customers by reducing energy costs of whole house systems by bringing comfort to the point of desired need.

Ductless zoned indoor units can cool to greater comfort levels by variable ratio cooling that dehumidifies to reduce body sweat and odors.


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